New website for James Joyce Tower

In the countdown to the Bloomsday Festival 2016, the James Joyce Tower & Museum are launching a brand new website:

Joyce features a slide show of beautiful images of the Tower, alongside quotes from the opening episode of Ulysses, visitor information, the building’s most colourful stories and anecdotes from over the years, plus a fascinating overview of its amazing history.

Also, Stephen Fry reveals why Ulysses is his favourite book of all time, and visitors to the site can enjoy a special Christmas Day broadcast hosted by Pat Kenny in 2014, featuring Senator David Norris, Martina Devlin and local TD, Richard Boyd Barrett, plus a Morning Ireland feature on the re-opening of the Tower.

The Martello Tower in Sandycove is the most iconic building in world literature. The opening episode of James Joyce’s classic novel Ulysses opens on the roof of the Tower with one of the most famous lines in literary history, “Stately, plump, Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed.”

The Tower is the leading tourist attraction in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown and welcomes over 35,000 visitors a year. Admission is always free, as the Museum is staffed by a vibrant volunteer group, Friends of Joyce Tower Society, who saved the Tower from closure in 2012.

Martina Devlin wrote in the Irish Independent at the time: “Volunteers can’t solve all of Ireland’s problems, by any means, but there are areas where they can make a difference. This is one of them.”

There will also be an exciting schedule of events for the highlight of the Joycean calendar – Bloomsday, and the Bloomsday Festival 2016, from June 11th to June 16th. All events are free and full details can be found on the poster below and by clicking here.


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