Never Mind the Brexit: Free Heritage Tours to start next week


From Wednesday, 27 June, right through until Sunday, September 4, twenty-eight free tours, walks and events will take place throughout Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown.

The Summer of Heritage programme takes place quite literally everywhere – from the mountains to the sea – and even the sea itself.

Next Wednesday afternoon alone, you can explore Cabinteely House, the Oratory and Seapoint Martello Tower, and if you want to enjoy walks in the evening, you can enjoy a free guided tour through Dún Laoghaire town and discover its unique connections to 1916, or ramble along the beautiful banks of the Dodder and learn about the history of Milltown.

I’m going to post more about as many sites as possible over the summer, but generally speaking, not only is learning about heritage highly informative and entertaining – it is also very good for your health and well-being.

Historic England have just published a new report highlighting the importance of heritage. Here’s a summary of its main conclusions:

1. Heritage plays a vital role in personal well-being and quality of life: 93% of residents say that local heritage has an impact on their personal quality of life.

2. Heritage improves the environment where you live: 80% of people think local heritage makes their area a better place to live.

3. Heritage engages young people: almost two million children visited a heritage site as part of a school excursion.

4. Heritage is viewed positively by the general public:  95% agree or strongly believe it is important heritage buildings and sites are preserved and well maintained.

5. Closer to home, Shaun Quinn, Fáilte Ireland chief executive, recently revealed: “Heritage tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in international tourism and these visitors who are interested in heritage and culture tend to stay longer, visit more places, and spend more per day than tourists in general.”

So there are massive benefits to promoting and appreciating our heritage and culture. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get involved and learn about all about it this summer, and it won’t cost you a cent.

If that doesn’t help ease the post-Brexit blues, I don’t know what will…

Full details about the Summer of Heritage series are available to download here.

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