New Radiohead material – what we know so far

  1. After apparently deleting their social media accounts, Radiohead posted a video of a new song entitled ‘Burn the Witch’ on YouTube this afternoon.

2. There is as yet no official date for the release of an album, although according to Brian Message from their management company, it will be released in June.

3. Radiohead will start a tour on Saturday, May 21 in Amsterdam. Dates in Paris and the Roundhouse in London follow before they do a few festivals, including Primavera. If you haven’t got a ticket, forget about it, as all dates are sold out. There appears to be availability for the Secret Solstice in Iceland and Lollapalooza in Berlin.

4. There are no Irish dates announced as yet. When I spoke to drummer Phil Selway in 2014, he said: “It’s a huge shame we didn’t come to Ireland for The King of Limbs. I think we’ll be looking to make up for it during future touring.”

5. ‘Burn the Witch’ is brilliant. This could be a good time to be a Radiohead fan. If you’re from Leicester and follow City and Radiohead, this must be one of the best days of your life…


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